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I am a bit confuse about blog

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When i started blogging i know nothing about anything, nope, nada.... nada to the max!

Many people are scared of starting their own blog because they don't know anything about it. One said "I was thinking of starting my own blog but, i am confuse of this blogging thing, i don't know anything about hosting" another one don't understand about "css" or html then another one don't know what is javascript.When you want something what are going to do? Here are some tips to help you get out of confusion.
  • research, read, research, read - There are so many article that can help you start at anything over the Internet. Information is everywhere so take time to read, read and read, research.
  • Start Everything for Free -, etc...this are free hosting. Since you just started and learning do not take too much risk (Even you class yourself as risk taker - take it slow) until your ready to use your own domain and pay your own hosting start the free one's at the moment.
  • Ask Bloggers - That is what makes blogging useful because you can ask or leave comments and bloggers love people commenting and asking about their content, take advantage on this part and whatever you learn take it with you and apply it to your blog when your start.
  • Experiment - Oh! i love this part, I have done a lot of blog is my own creativity although the template is not mine but i did a lot on this i added a lot of personal touch...The Header is my own creation. When you start experimenting this is where the fun begin, you put your own creation, and your personal touch.
As a blogger, i use blogspot as my host (it's free) but it's all up to you to where you feel happy but for me i am used of blogspot because it's easy. Do not be confuse - blogging is free, fun, and you discover something about you that never thought that you have, either writing skills, creativity, socializing and more you never go out and have fun blogging.

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Momo Fali said... at 15/1/08 08:06

I have a blast blogging! I love experimenting as well.

moneyrush said... at 15/1/08 10:05

Hello Momo Fali,

Experimenting is best source of learning, We just make sure that you have back up because mistakes always on the way to test us but it's not a failure but it's the other part of experimenting which helps us in many way. thanks for the comment :)

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