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Dis-advantage of changing template

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How many times do you change templates? I changed mine for many times last year and i saw a lot of dis-advantages. Just like all the tracking that i put from Google analytic, mybloglog etc...i have to do it all again along with the meta tag.

Okay, you might think "oh! well you don't like to do it all again why change template in the first place?" i have to depend myself...don't i, lol -- I have to, because i every time i added new javascript and move my page element error always occurred...i am not a techie person alright and i always "DIY" my blog that's why.

So, this is my dis-advantage of changing template. With this new one though, i am settled and happy with my template although i still have Lot's to add but i am satisfied.

What about you?

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Stine said... at 17/1/08 00:39

I find changing templates is a lot more work than it looks! Yours look great with the new one, btw.
I'm terrible at the techie meta/SEO stuff, I don't even know how to figure out how many are subscribed to my blog... I'm learning, though, and that's next on my list!

moneyrush said... at 17/1/08 09:24

Hi! Stine,

I will say "i've been there" i am terrible with the techie too! but with the help of some bloggers that are good in this stuff i learned, The best is to apply what you have read the moment you read about it (That's the secret. It sure is lot more work but it's worth. a very Presentable Blog attracts readers too!

If you want to figure out your Readers use there's more that can help you track your subscriber.

So keep on Learning and Good Luck.

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