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U Comment, I Follow - Have you joined yet?

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Today i added "U Comment, I follow" Badge in my blog. I always have something learned from our fellow blogger (I Follow and Read) and today although many blogger are already doing this i think it's not too late for me to learn and even you. Many of the Bloggers are now joining DoFollow campaign. Who started it i don't know, but it is helpful in many ways especially link juice from fellow blogger (link that counted through your PageRank)
If you see thisbadge that means this are the bloggers that are supporting this campaign and have removed the rel='nofollow' code from their template. If you are using wordpress their are plug-ins that the wordpress bloggers are using (That make it so simple for them); As for blogspot users we all know that we don't have this plug-in thingy so it's not that simple and it need our understanding to remove the nofollow code from our template but don't worry though, because we have our fellow bloggers that are going to help us remove this code you can follow this simple instruction and removed that code in no time - Removing NoFollow from blogger styled layout".

If you want the to join and looking for the badge randaclay made this really beautiful badge; of course you can make your own if you wanted too but i am really happy using Randaclay's. I found a funny one like "You comment,I Poop" i forget the site though but it is so hilarious anyboooo, i guess that's for now and i hope you have learn new from this post.

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Nishadha said... at 20/2/08 00:53

But doing that can effect your google and search engine rankings

moneyrush said... at 20/2/08 11:03

Hi! nishadha,

"nofollow" code was placed because of comment spammers...but we all know that this is not working anymore.

Second, In Blogospheres world sharing is where you get connection and get link in return LINK is the key to get more visibility and get high page rank.

Stefan said... at 20/2/08 12:50

A simple but brilliant idea. I recently added that to my site as well. I like it! Nevermind spamming or all that jazz, it gets true bloggers to reach out to others and create more of a "community".

moneyrush said... at 20/2/08 15:52

Hi! Stefan,

True, i agree with you 100%...we have the control of our blog anyway delete the one's that are not contributing something in our blog, if we think they are spamming and not really there to discuss the post then bye bye see you next time (Do it better).

Creating a great communityand a network is way to help us in many ways.

Joeseph said... at 16/6/08 13:21

Do follow is definitely the way to go as it creates more participation. I like the title of you blog by the way very cool!

myi4u said... at 6/8/08 19:40

hi there, sorry for being ignorant but as you mentioned about joining "U Comment, I Follow", is it as easy as just by placing the badge on my blog?

And I can place even a badge created myself?


Iris said... at 7/8/08 09:39

@myi4u, Just follow the cimplate instruction of how to remove the nofollow tag and your good to go.

and about your question about badge, yes you can create yourself a badge.

Cheers and good luck.

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