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Couple Ban on Valentines Day!?

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I think it's a bit late for me to wish everyone a happy valentines day but still where in the month of February it's a Love month "Roses are Red, Violets are Blue" -- Roses and chocolate's are flooding everywhere, couple seen everywhere too! but is it always happy valentine for everyone?

Traffic is not great and some miss the date; I have read in the News Paper today that In Australia, some restaurant has refused to take bookings for table for two and instead couple seat together with other couples (Someone's they never know and stranger to them). The reason for this is because restaurant see this as slow turn over. Must of couple dating tend to stay longer gazing into each other's eyes but that is only part of the problem...Most of couple only order single wine or Champagne and some restaurant even have "couple ban" ouch!

So what about you guys, what did you do on the valentines day?....i hope you are not one of those been banned and have problems looking for place to celebrate the love day, no matter though just have a laugh, enjoy the day...i alway believe that even though the crazy situation like this happens it always turns out great day.

Belated Valentine day everyone.

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