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Another way you can earn easy money - Freelance Works

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Internet is very huge opportunity for everyone, Blogging is one of great step you earn easy money once established, advertisers si more likely want to advertise on your blog site that's when you have enough traffic and readers not to mention a higher page rank. one example for that is Darren Rowse become very popular and successful in he's niche and i admit i really model him.

There are other ways you can earn easy money too aside from blogging, i am not saying to leave blogging but there are other ways as an additional income for your household and millions and millions of people are doing this especially the once that are skilled.

Freelancing - We all know this, but sometimes we just ignore for whatever reason. But if you are skilled and know what you're doing, know your capacity and your limitation then try freelancing. Let see how it work.

  1. Search for a project - Thousands and thousands of business people looking for skilled individual to work for them; Not everything are too hard, there are opportunities that they need you to market their products, there are projects that they need 1000 subscribers etc...just search the one that suites you and your time
  2. Market your skills - We all know that "We make our own future" now, in the freelancing you have to make your own brand, name, portfolio ... Post your profile this is your chance to shine take it as job interview (I am sure your not scared of job interview aren't you!?) hope not :D so, Go, Show them that you can do it and market your skills.
  3. Bid on the project - Once found the one that suites you or interest you then Bid on that (Easy) make some good statement, competition is high so make a really great speech(Not over the top though that turns the employers off but instead make it attractive and be confident.
  4. Project Awarded - once the project awarded to you, complete then on time (Show some professionalism) so that the employer will come back and give you another project plus they will give some recommendation which very important for your profile.
  5. Enjoy - It's your hard work and it's your money now you can pay some bills and not to worry with your bills interest :D
I have listed here the sites that offers freelancing (Note: Register at your own risk; make sure you read everything before you join the sites).
  • Elance - You can find a really great opportunity here, the demands are high if you skills is into marketing, sales, legal, Administrative works, Engineering can find more here.
  • GoFreelance - There so much in here especially for mums, you get emails of opportunity.
  • Allfrelancework - You will learn so much about freelancing in this site, you also get some tips and advice.
  • - More fucos in UK so if you're base is in UK you might find something for you here but if your not in UK try this and you never know.
  • Get1freelancer - Fast, easy and effective way to outsource the projects.
  • Freelanceworld - This is worldwide opportunity. Start making here.
  • Freelance Online Work - Tips, Idea's and any other resources about freelancing.
  • Guru - World's largest online service marketplace. More than 160 categories there so much to choose from.
This are just few of the sites that offers freelancing. You can start immediately and earn easy money online. Give yourself some challenges, although this need some skills but you never know, when you are blogging and already earning money blogging meaning you are in more capacity to start freelancing. You have the ability to feed your readers and compete in the blogospheres therefore you also have the ability to compete in the world of freelancing.

Good Luck.

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Marketing Blog said... at 24/2/08 13:12

Good article i have often thought about doing some freelance work but have been too busy.

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