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Lighting Plan

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We have problem with our living room lighting and my husband keeps on changing to something that will suit our's alright at the moment because it's still Day Light Saving Time i don't need to worry because kids went in bed and still have light outside -- sometimes my son don't want to go in bed he said it still early there still have light outside but when daylight saving time finishes i am going to have problem with my kids activity, reading and drawing while it's not bedtime yet, light is very important in this kind of activity.

I want a lot of lighting and might going to make some renovation, natural light and right lighting plan comes together. I like the George Kovacs Lighting collections they are really beautiful the look is very smooth, clean and very modern designs -- it is one of the professional designer used when they renovate houses (I always watch house renovations and that inspires me in many ways) and search on the web. it is really great to have a lot of lighting depend with your mood and also with the activity, i like really bright when it comes with kids and dimmer when it's just me and my hubby (Romantic) and feels more relaxing.

Eventually, this plan happens but still need some financial preparation -- I don't want to get into situation where i run out of budget renovating it is going to be disaster if that. Slowly but surely; at the moment i keep my eyes on the collections i am planning to buy including Modern Chairs...therefore i need to do more blogging, work hard and earn easy money online yehah!

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