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I think working in sales is where i enjoyed most

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I always remember my most favorite job, but at the same time it is the hardest. I graduate in the field of Engineering (Industrial Engineering) but i start working in the office and not related to my profession it is more of civil engineer's crowd. Our accountant hired me to he's other company this time it related to me i am assisting the cost analyst (unfortunately, the company close down) then i applied to another job this time as customer service representative (CSR) hardware and software distribution -- okay now im really far to my profession but i was thinking it's ok as long as i am happy and i took the job as stepping stone.

My boss are very happy with me assisting them with the sales and other problem and consider me in the sales position then that's where the hardship starts i was doing my Sales Training and the expectation raise to different level, very demanding and if you're not that totally trained you cannot compete But to my surprise i love working in sales, specially when their are incentive if you make it to the quota, sometimes we sandbag the other transaction so that theirs not much work in the next month. during my training though it's not professionally done, i was ask to call the in-active account and activate them, follow-up until i learn the sales approach i manually taught by our head of sales how to's, ways to talk or what's the sales peach works and not. For me i think to the individual that really want to work in sales or company wanted to have a better result it's better to hire professionals to train the sales that way the return is beyond what you expect because this professional have studied the best approach and have enough experience for this field...i am not saying that i am not become a great asset of the company but for me the trained i got is not enough because i still have struggled a lot mind you though that only run for a month but i am happy my boss is happy with my sales performance and that's what matter's ahh! those where the days.

Now that i am married and have kids i reminisce that time and i can say that everything works for good. There is always a reason for everything, and working in sales is the best experience for me.

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