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No pain no gain, No venture, no gain

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This is funny, Most of the new blogger thought that once they have posted there first post they can earn money immediately that is my mentality too when i started my blog, i keep on checking my AdSense everyday, i was hoping for miracle funny that if it's just that easy aye! then no entrecard, no mybloglog, blogcatalog, spott and any other social networking and advertising but as always no pain no gain which is good.
New Blogger -- Must Try hard, work hard and you will get what you want in the end. I have a really great example for this (Showing example help understanding the situation more-i think you agree with me!). Anyway here's my example:

My Husband just started he's blog last month blogtech so he posted almost everyday It's all he's interest and that is why he fall in love the blogging because it is he's time to share he's interest to the world, i ask him to join blogcatalog, mybloglog, entrecard etc...He said he's addicted with blogging and he is the most hardworking person i ever know That is why i marry him ;) and what's the result of he's effort?
  1. He is at the top 3 under the technology category in the entrecard.
  2. He's Alexa rank 312,519
This two are just great result if you work hard with your blog, If where going to compare mine to my husbands I have been blogging for almost a year now and he surpasses me; what's the lesson? Even your newbie you still have a greater chance to level the top and earn easy money.

"No Venture, No Gain"

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