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Three Goal of every Bloggers

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Setting some Goal is a powerful process for every blogger this motivate us to do more and think more about the future of our blog. We all aim to be successful wanted to turn our possibility into reality. Whatever the purpose of your blog -- either you want to make money or sell services and products we need this three goals.
We need to keep on focusing on our Goals and what are the three goals, i bet you knew already because we all keep on doing it and most are successful but i decided to make this just a reminder specially for the newly bloggers.

Increase your Presence - That is why we need to network our site and join social networking sites to get a greater visibility we need other sites linking to our sites -- By joining forums, social networking and being an active participants you increase your web presence which also means increasing your presence in Google's web index which pointing to the result that we want "Higher Page Rank".

Traffic - Driving Traffic to our site is a never ending problem for most bloggers but if you manage to increase your presence then traffic comes naturally -- But, even though you manage your presence visible in Google, it still not doing any good until that Google visibility turned into traffic, which means Google searchers (People searching for particular keywords) Click your link.

Convert Visitors - If the purpose of your blog is for the visitor to click your adsense ads or buy your amazon books you are happy the blogger if that happens, then you can tell that you have better conversion. Of course there are some visit that never convert anything, unproductive and we don't want that.

The most important purpose of this Goal is to get to the highest possible position in the Google search Result. There so much you can do to increase your presence, drive traffic to your site and the final step to have a great conversion of your visitor. Either you want to make money or just simply want to get more exposure all you have to do is set your Goal and hold on to it get motivated and keep reaching .

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Lightening said... at 4/2/08 21:51

Yep - there seems to be a whole lot more to blogging than simply putting up good content. It's hard work!!!

moneyrush said... at 4/2/08 21:58

Hi! lightening,

Everything goes hand in hand, Good Content means better and lasting traffic. It surely is hard work but very rewarding.

Thanks for great comment...hope to see you back again.

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