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I love shopping what about you?

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Are you a shopaholic? i love shopping, if only i have that much money to spend (sigh!) i have kids now they are more important but you know sometimes we treat ourselves but still looking for better price and great deals i am sure all the mommy out there agree with me.

run so quick We all know Christmas still far from today but still we need to work with our budget and save because i really don't want surprises and then the next thing we know it's Christmas again timeaarrrrrrg i hate it! . Me and my husband usually buy stuff after Christmas, we call that here boxing day -- that's where people can get a better deal, great prices but the problem is human traffic, that's fine with me but my husband and kids are not this type of people that's where my problem when it comes with shopping. I am glad in the web we can also find some great deals and convenient for everyone.

While surfing i came across a site called BF (Black Friday) and i was like, what the? they have this cyber monday and while navigating their site my hand is scratching...ooh! their so much i can buy so cheap, i was looking for digital camera for myself because the digital camera that my husband gave me is old that was Christmas 2006 and was thinking a new laptop for my husband (That will make him happy, Of course i still need to save more for this) take a look at this deals, i actually signed up to their mailing list so that i can received an updated list of great deal.

I was shopping online for quit awhile i find out that most of the time i get a better deal than going to the shopping mall myself. Most of the online store removed the shipping cost and that make more affordable and convenient.

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Michael Aulia said... at 27/2/08 02:23

I don't normally do shopping..but once I do, it'll be lots of $$ going out of the pocket :(

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