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I have notice that there still have many bloggers that are not using entrecard, in one forum i remember one asking how to get more visitors to their site of course i suggest a few sites that really brings traffic to my blog including entrecard because it is truly bringing great traffic. So for those that are not joining entrecard yet! don't be left behind and "Don't just join and expect that traffic will go to your blog" It still need some of your effort.

Also, Their are some complains that people are just visiting the site to drop cards not even reading the post. In my own experience, i do visited blogs and drop at least 200 a day or more and yes i admit that i don't read everyone's posts ... I only read the post of those that interest me and i think this is also the same with the other entrecarder.

"Do not expect that out of 200 bloggers dropping cards on your blog likes your post because it all depend on individuals interests"

I remember my husband ask me why i did not put he's blog under my favorite because it is not my interest. I have favorite many blog site that interests me and i even left some recommendations, I have discovered new sites that have great content and worth of my time reading I even subscribe via RSS and email (Depend how much i like the blog).

I think bloggers are not just dropping card, if you have good content that worth reading then the possibility is very high for them to even subscribe on your blog.

What about you? do you just drop and not reading the post, or are you one of those that are reading the ones that worth of your time?

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Mobverge said... at 8/2/08 10:45

Great post - I just signed up to Entrecard and it seems like it will deliver fruits soon.

My blog:

Kim said... at 8/2/08 12:45

I have been with entrecard for about a month now on a couple of my other blogs and I have to say that even if it does take some work, it DOES bring the traffic.

I'm so thrilled with this site that I have all my blogs in it.

Thanks for the comment and stopping by my site.

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