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Great Resource for Jobs Hunters

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More and more New Zealander are now moving to Australia because of the low cut tax and great Jobs opportunity, i also have talked to some Filipina Nurses that wanted to get a job in Australia and some are actually moved in their for much more greener pasture i supposed.

We cannot really judge and blame some other people that move to other country because of say work, living expenses or simply because it is more better environment for the family. Most of the Filipino (Philippine Country) where i was born, would really love to work outside philippines thinking that they can provide a better life for their family if they work overseas. I was watching Border Patrol in Australia where there is one Filipina that's been questioned because of her papers (She said she will visit a friend) and turn out to be looking for job (It is a bad call for her but maybe it's her desperate move) :( she was sent back to the philippines.

For the Filipino who wanted to work overseas, do not cut the process...there is always an opportunity for every one. Make it legal, even though it's going to take time but your safe. There are many employment site that are offering multiple jobs in different industries. In New Zealand Filipino are happy working in the dairy and some other industries, life is very promising.

I stumbled the site that offers jobs in Australia, you can find anything you need including salary calculator, executive jobs, training courses, resume services, recruitment agencies and even news.

This is great resource for those who wanted to find new opportunity in australia or just simply browsing and still need some encouragement about working in other country this is for you.

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Internet Business Guide said... at 11/2/08 02:59

Another site I'd go to when searching for a job is A huge portal offering thousands of jobs that you can do from your comfort home anywhere in the world and immediately.

It's one of the sites I go to whenever I seek someone performing certain tasks for me.


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