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How much conveneince do you expect of you going for a holiday vacation?

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Me and my husband love to travel and there so much places we love to see and definitely will see :) i am looking forward for that really!, I remember we have this discussion about convenience when we travel because my father in law emailed my husband the other night and they are going away on march to Cebu, Philippines and ask if i can recommend some other place to visit aside from the regular tourist spot destination so me and my husband was like thinking of the places that we love while we where there but our concern is the convenience, that is going to be a problem when it comes with transportation and the rest but we just leave it with them because they have been traveling so many times in a different countries and know how to work when it comes with convenience over everything.

That is why i ask when you travel how much convenience do you expect? from the very start -- planning , flights, hotel etc... me and my husband have experience a lot of inconvenient during the travel period and that is the last thing we want to happen, we want to enjoy in our travel.

My husband loves to complain but the last time he had a flight to Australia was really convenient and he said he was having a great time (i was not able to come with him during that time because i am 8 months pregnant) and that is what he was really hoping for from booking, to the hotel are all convenience, this is the time when Steve Erwin (Australia Zoo is still alive) and they went there as one of the places they are visiting that is the only time that he was not happy though because he didn't see the Popular SteveE; If he doest that would be the last time he will see him alive because a few months after that that's when we heard the news :( so sad.

Anyway, yeah! i think for me if we plan for a holiday we want the convenience that makes the holiday worth more but that is for me, what about you? how much convenience do you expect if you go on a holiday?

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