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My Honeymoon stage with google is over

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I woke up this morning and when i look at my site my PR3 is not visible anymore in the Google tool bar. Now i am officially one of sites that's been slapped by Google; therefore, i say my honeymoon stage with Google is over but that doesn't mean i am going to be discourage instead i am more determine to work more harder. I am glad i have read john chow and darren rowse blog which truly are a big encouragement for a small blogger like me.

I checked my PR in the it still shows my Pagerank 3 oh! well this is not the end of my world, definitely not!
I totally agree with Johnchow's blog Turning a negative into a positive I don't think we can see a Deadpool over the blogosphere as Techcrunch suggesting -- just because of Google slapping sites that doesn't mean it's the end of the world the show must go on with them then the show must go on with the sites that's been slapped. Content still the king, why people read Johnchow's blog or Darren Rowse Blog? because of the content i do not think it's just because they have higher page rank.

Here's from Darren Rowse rolling with the punches and looking for positives in the negatives i am going to keep on punching alright!

I am sure you're thinking that i am a bit too late about this Google slapping discussion, okay i admit i am but i just want to share my feeling, my thought, my opinion. I stand with the blogger that's been slapped but still standing and fighting their own battle in field of giant beast, i stand with the blogger that knows what there doing and did not let the slapping step them down.

In the end i would like to quote this from JohnChow "My feeling is that any site that goes under because of a downgrade in PageRank deserves to go under" Are you one of them? or are you the one that will get up and show BigG that PR is not everything in the world of blogosphere.

My Honeymoon stage with Google is Over but this is not the end of my blog instead this encourage me to be bold, strong and positive.

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Marketing Blog said... at 26/2/08 06:09

Just to let you know that your blog is still showing PR3 in my toolbar so maybe just a glitch.

In my opinion Google are bang out of order penalizing website for selling links, the only reason regardless of what they say is because they want us to use Adwords instead.

moneyrush said... at 26/2/08 08:59

Thank's for informing me, i can everyone's PR but mine. I totally agree with you and what i was thinking was that in the end they are going to join the gang instead "If you can't beat them join'em" that's what's going to happen in my point of view. Isn't it very obvious that selling links killing their business and BigG use there power, but for me it doesn't work that way.

Michael Aulia said... at 26/2/08 16:45

I never paid attention to my PageRank, although 80% of my visitors come from Search Engines.

Hope Google doesn't mess around with it

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