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Resources -- Designs for your Site

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When did you last tweak and change your header? or your background? Do you have the great pictures to get a better looking header?

We all know that content is the King but we also know that we need to change the appearance of our site to make it more outstanding and can attract more reader. Sometimes we need to get the attention of the readers through our header design, site designs, before we get them to read to our content and this is the reality and true is most cases. As a blogger specially the new one (I always target the new blogger -- they are one's that need more resources and need more experience to be able to compete in the big world of blogosphere) but, if your have been blogging for quite long and not made any changes with your blog site you might want to check this picture and resources that i will share and this might change your mind and make a little bit of tweaking with your site.

I admire those artist who give a lot effort with their art and share their art works and then give it out for free. I looked at those site that have vector graphic, psp tube and some other graphics and photo's where can be used for header and some other part of our site and here they are.

This are Free to use, but make sure that you read the owners terms and condition because this is their designs that we are using and of course we need to respect it (That is the important).

Vector Graphics - Here you can find the most beautiful graphic for your site, vector graphic is now very popular, you mostly see their creation on mommy's blogs or womens blogs, music and this is very artistic and my most favorite source.

Kaboodle - Photo site, you get many artists site here, their are that 3D some are flowers etc...have have a browse and you might find that interest you.

PSP Tubes - This are very great designs, i even use some of the art to my other site...If you want to copy the graphic as it is; you have to use photo shop -- If you don't have photo shop, you can download the trial (Adobe) then search the tutorial to make it more easier... but what i did with mined is, I right click on the image that i want and save as the image to my computer as jpeg (Easy) then i start working on my own program.

PSP Tubes 2 - Here is another Free source of PSP Tube, although this have not much variety but for the girly out their you might like this.

Ladies - Most of the graphic here are no drop shadow on the tube, graphic are about ladies.

Okay, in this next batch is where you can make faces and wii characters.

Mii Editor - Faces or whole body the choice is yours, easy and quick different characters.

South Park - If you're a fan of south park why not make the character that want here...You are going to have fun playing with the character and can incorporate some to one of your content (Just play your game!).

Fashion Templates - If you love fashion sketches and drawings you are going to love this.

There so much to grab on the internet, and this are just the few resources to make your site a more attractive. Work on it, put some effort and your readers will see it. Putting an extra effort with your content and your site's design give an impression to your readers that you are dedicated blogger, you love what you do, you give an extra effort on the appearance of your site and that's where design take part.

I hope you like the resources that i share with you and find it useful.

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KiwiPulse said... at 14/2/08 06:12

Thank for the link. I did my last design 4 month ago. Since I can't do better design for my header logo. :P

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