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Now that no follow has been removed, Sip that link juice

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Have you noticed, that most blog site have "U Comment, I follow" in their sidebar? i guess so, that means this blogger's have removed their "no follow" attribute that's been placed by default in their blog, this is to prevent the spam comment; but this is no longer effective or shall i say not really effective.

What this means to you?
If you leave comment in the bloggers post you get link back to your site or shall we call it link juice, as we all know link is the major key to get visibility and more visibility is higher page rank. I have blogged about this a few months ago "way to be discovered by search engine" link is counted as vote to your page.

What to blogger should do?
Leave comments. But, Not everyone that have removed their no follow attribute have placed a "U comment, I follow" badge. so the question comes down to how are we going to know if there blog is no follow free. Follow this:
  • Click post a comment
  • Right Click on the the title of the person that have left a comment, then click properties.
  • You will see the relation: no follow -- meaning the no follow has been removed.
Even the no follow has been removed by most bloggers, that doesn't mean that you can spam. The website owner still in control and will remove or reject your comment, that means your time and effort of leaving a comment is wasted.

Rules of the thumb?
  1. Read the Post, that way you can share your opinion and know what to comment.
  2. Do, leave a proper comment. Do not Follow this example:
"I really like your post, if you like you can visit my site at"

This is a BIG no, no. This is clearly spamming, why not give a little time of reading a post because you will get a link juice in return (You gain something, which counted towards your page rank).

I don't have problem sharing a little link juice but do your part, i don't think that's too much to ask.

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BaseGuardian said... at 28/2/08 21:14

i try to find the do follow plugin for Word Press but can't find it. Every link to the plugin's site were error.

moneyrush said... at 28/2/08 22:27

Hi! WP bloggers called it commentluv, try to follow this instructions from

Good Luck.

Ana said... at 26/3/08 11:26

I like to comment on the purpose of comments, just giving a second look to do-follow comments. In my mind sometimes we should not overrate link juice but care about the blog we are commenting on itself.

moneyrush said... at 26/3/08 20:38

Hi! ana, Glad to see you here,

I really like your principle of commenting. Commenting on the post without hidden agenda is greater than spamming, most of the blogger that have removed there no follow moderate their blog still no space for the spammers. I have delete many spammers and love doing it...why? because there effort become useless. Commenter like you will create a great relationship with your co-blogger.

Hope to see you here again.

Jeff Turner said... at 14/11/08 01:26

Hey the no " nofollow" movement will really get the boom in world of blogging. I will surely follow this movement. Thanks for the wonderful thoughts.
Jeff Turner

types of cancer said... at 4/12/08 21:05

I like to comment on the purpose of comments, just giving a second look to do-follow comments.

Preinstalled Scripts said... at 4/6/09 23:36

Hi, its nice to see one more in do follow movement. As I can't understand why many of them still stick to no follow when there is no reason to do so. Do follow not only encourages the commentators to comment on the blog but also spreads the link juice.

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For those that will comment because you want to share your thoughts i really appreciate your time. "Dofollow" Rules.


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