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Find which Keyword your site rank in Google Top 20

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If you optimized you blog you might have done a lot of research, there are many way you can learn, read a lot of blog about how to optimize your site and even have subscribe the matt cutts, jimboykin and other SEO experience (I love reading their site, i can learn so much about do's and don't.

I came across this seodigger where you can find out for which keywords your site ranks high enough to be in Google Top 20, this help you analyze your site and know more about the keywords you can use more inside your content. We all know Keyword is one of major key. That is why you need to have meta tag using the right keywords, My Experience if i use my keyword earn easy money online i am in the 1st page of Google SERP or even if it just earn easy money.

here's how it look:
If i use "earn easy fast loan money" more often inside my content, the better position i get in Google SERP, above shows that this keyword is in position 2 of Google SERP.

There's so much you can do to optimize you site, it's just a matter of learning and understanding.

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