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Try this new way to earn easy money using your link

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How many ads did you put in your blog to earn extra money? although we know the do's and don't we still stuff our blog with ads bugger that!, hey! that's not a problem as long as you earn easy money and decent why not; but you have to make sure though that our readers are not turned off or else your effort of getting that one readers of your's are all for nothing Sad :(

Okay, here i have found a new way you can earn easy money using your link, i am not sure if you are going to agree with this one links into cash.

There service is easy, simple and help you earn easy money. The Social bookmarking, tiny url and link where you can earn easy money are combined into one and that is

Here's how they turn your link into cash:
After you register (Free) and validates you get in to your dashboard. Create Link you got to choose how between the three (Single link, Multiple link and full page script) full script page is the easiest way to get paid; Enter your link(YOUR URL) then select the content type (This if it's adult or clean), now here there are Two types of ads to choose from - Intermission (Pays Better) or Top Banner, then last is the link type Private or Public) then your done you will be given the code to use and start making money.

As a blogger we tried many ways to earn easy money using our blog, their are programs that are working for other and not for us, yet their are other programs that are working very well with our approach it's just a matter of how you work and your approach with their system. My suggestion is that if you want to earn easy money online do not let the opportunity passes by without you trying it, what to lose? as long as it's Free nothing to worries if it's not working then move on at least you know.

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Marketing Blog said... at 21/2/08 22:48

So basically i would need 20`000 referals and 2 million page views just to make $73 a day hmmmm i can think of far easier ways to make money.

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