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Do you like to work with Google?

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I have read today, Big Google is willing to pay for at least $75 each hour you spent with the Google Researcher. They are looking for people who want to participate with there study (Google User Experience Research) neither existing products or the one's that still under development.

Here are the type of studies you can do if you get lucky:
  • Usability Study - Spend time at the Google Office testing products or prototype.
  • Remote usability study - You need to have fast internet connection with this type of project because Google will call you while you're in front of your computer and give you instructions of what you need to study or test the product or prototype.
  • Field Study and Online Survey.
For more information about this opportunity read the FAQ here.

If you're at least 18 years old then you can join and try your luck, Why not!

Although, Google can't guarantee that you'll be invited to participate in a study or may take sometime before you can hear from them but this is great opportunity to grab and you never know.

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vickie said... at 29/2/08 17:59

such a good idea to attract Internet user to work for it

Smash Hit Displays said... at 4/10/11 01:23

Excellent idea to promote new ideas from Google. It can be confusing to understand all of the new ideas Google has come out with, so helping people who are chosen for the program will definitely help.
~ Smash Hit Displays

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