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Yahoo vs google at alexa

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Out of my curiosity, i looked at alexa Web Search to see the top site's. I know there are some that are aware about it but there are some that are not, just like me. Please, have a look at what i just have learned -- Yahoo is at the top of Google. My thought is that Google is the most popular but i was kind of shock but it all depend of why yahoo is still at the top, so i decided to post here the difference between the two.

Do you know?....
Yahoo's Traffic Rank is No. 1 at Alexa with users mostly coming from US but traffic rank wise yahoo comes second in the US where as in countries like Taiwan, Hongkong, India and Vietnam they are number one (1), 47% of yahoo Users go to

Google's Traffic Rank is No. 2 (Alexa Web) users mostly coming from US and traffic rank as number 1 in the US, 61% of Google users go straight to next is

If we are to compare both sites:
Speed Average (53% of sites are slower)
Average Load Time - 2.3 Seconds
Link to this site - 73,894

Speed Very Fast (84% of Sites are slower)
Average Load Time - 1.0 Seconds
Link to this site - 328,120

Oh well, no matter what .. both of the site are great use for me and i value each individual. It's just great to know the difference of both big sites.

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