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10 Good Reason to start a blog

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If you have not blogging yet, i have here 10 reasons why to start blogging. I was talking to my brother about my blog last week because it's been a while since we talk and he was so curious about blogging and i realize that even blog is very common and popular now a days, There still people that have no idea about it and of course there are that have an idea but still skeptical, not sure and not convince.

So, Without further a are the 10 good reasons why to start a blog
  1. Let your voice be heard - Isn't great to be heard? If you're the type of person that likes to be heard or have some opinions and point of views then blogging is your way.
  2. It's Easy - All you have to do is register to, etc..., then you're up and running in no time. Even to those who have no technical skills can blog, Templates are ready for you. All you need is an article to start posting.
  3. Share your passion and expertise - If there is something that you are very good at, let everyone knows that and share it, offer some tips and advice.
  4. Promote your Business - Some use this to promote their website, products or businesses...If you have business and need some boosting start blogging, create some buzz about your biz.
  5. Make money - And while you are blogging you can make money using adsense (The most common), commission junction, amazon, WidgetBucks, AuctionAds and lot just have to add this to your blog site, once your traffic build up your earning grow with you as well.
  6. keeping in-touch - For some this is very useful specially those people that wanted to get in touch with love one's. cheap way of communicating with your family, friends and love one's, Not just by reading the Newsletters or looking at the Photo's family can also leave comments.
  7. Make a Difference - Reach Out. When your traffic build up you can touch many life's...depend with your topic but there's always people looking for something and if reach to those people you never know that you make a difference.
  8. Show off your creativity - If your the type of person that is so talented show it off, Blogging is not just to be heard but also to be seen or to be discovered. Use blogging as your outlet.
  9. Increase Page Rank - Use blogging as way to increase traffic to your website using anchored text, linking to your website makes very huge difference. Blog is updated on a regular basis and because of that it keep on reaching readers and readers click your website link.
  10. Make New Friends - Social Networking is part of blogging now a day's, it's one of the way to increase traffic, while doing this you also increase your connections and friends.
If Internet is part of your life as most of people around the world there's nothing to lose to try and start blogging. Sometimes it's frustrating specially when it comes to building up traffics but other than that it's addictive and for me most of the time stress relief (It's my "me" time) my rest time away from kids even just 30 mins. :)

So, there you go 10 good reason to start a blog.

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