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Look Back 2007 and evaluate yourself

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Okay, in the next few day's it will be 2008, what lies ahead no one knows but i am quite happy with my year 2007. Looking back is the great way of evaluating myself what i have achieved and what is not. It is not really bad although there are bad days but i always count on the good days and i sort of thanking the bad days because it makes me more stronger, mature and helps me grow.

Back to when i was 9 months pregnant i stayed at home waiting for my "big day" i tried to look for many opportunity on the Internet and i been through to a lot of promising sites, anyway -- i then brought to blogging. I started blogging on July 2007 after that i get addicted, i learned a lot and i have my high and lows too there's where i tried to join myblogcatalog and i get declined and then declined and declined then i settled down and tried again this time i made some changes on my blog then i change my blog title from earn easy money to moneyrush and i got accepted and for me it's the best because i like to be at myblogcatalog, Blogrush kick me out (I don;t care anyway) i joined mybloglog, i learned from networks on how to increase technorati ranking, Stumble Upon and Digg and more... then i started making money from my blog and the rest is history.

I evaluate myself and i am glad and satisfied even thought there's still have lots that need some working with my blog but i am happy, my 2007 is overall a blessing including my husband and children's, i am a happy mum.

So try to look back and evaluate yourself of what you've been through for the whole year and you will surely learn to appreciate, love and even make some changes on your 2008 -- And, to all my readers thank you for putting up with my contents (lol) i will try my best and i will keep on working on it.

Happy New Year Everyone!

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