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Use names on your blog - Good or Bad?

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Do you use names on your blog? I was just curious. I have blog before about setting up boundaries.

After i visited a few blogs today i have noticed some are using the names of their husband, daughter and friends...even boss. I know that it is important to be transparent to you're readers because this is one way of creating relationship but don't you need some sort of protection specially your personal life?

Does it look better if you use the name say "Lisa" instead of "my eldest daughter"?

Please, if you can spare a little bet of your time please participate on my my survey and lets see how many bloggers use names and think if it is Good or Bad -- Thank you in advance for participating :) If you feel like wanted to add something just leave a comment i really appreciate it.

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moneyrush said... at 4/1/08 22:15

That is great i believe that protecting our family and ourself is more important. thanks for commenting :) i appreciate it.

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