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Why Disclose your Blog?

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It is important that you as a blogger being honest to your readers, as the saying goes "Honesty is the best policy" because you want to build up your reputation, friendship and relationship -- and so, trust is very important between you and your reader.

So i suggest to disclose your blog.

Why Disclose? You are solely responsible on your own action, reputation and post and when you disclose the purpose of your blog, you are letting your reader know more about the information of the product, site or post that they are viewing.

When you disclose your blog you are creating an honest relationship with your readers -- Here are some samples of how to disclose your blog:

  • This blog is a personal blog written and edited by me/group of individuals/sponsored blog created or supported by a company, organization or group of organizations.
  • Many bloggers accept some form of compensation, gifts, cash etc... - This blog accepts any form of compensation or payment or not accepting any advertising or paid insertion.
  • Does your blog being influenced by advertising or payments or you just simple love writing and the content of your blog does not influence with any payment, gifts...
There are so many information you can put on your disclosure policy. Transparency of your content is your greatest gift that you can give to your readers, as well as service to your advertisers or sponsors. Protect your credibility and be honest. As for me i made a wide site disclosure for my blog.

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Brad said... at 12/12/07 12:06

I might do this in the future. Good idea and thanks for bringing this fact up!


The Daily Rambler

moneyrush said... at 12/12/07 17:23

For me, why hide it...we all know that google is up until now cleaning and penalizing sites PR's but it is an honest and decent way of earning money.

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