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Someone stole my template

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I am sure that caught your attention is it? the title i put on my post is what jamiz posted on blogcatalog last 2 days ago and i have decide to post that here to extend the information so that same thing happens to your site you are already aware and know what to do.

"someone has stole my template with all my content and tracking tags thats how i knew you can see it here i am going to report that site to blogger team shortly" Is that exact thread jamiz have posted which at first i think it's just to attract attention or one of promotional propaganda but then we check the site compare to jamiz site it is really identical, nothing more, nothing less.

"i really think it was this person Why because he was the last person to visit twice and he was tracked by my tracking script ho not to mention my adsense code is also in the template"

Jamiz left him some messages on he's mybloglog and finally he admitted it over jamiz shout box at blogcatalog and this is what he Say's

Fauzirassull replied to why he do this: because i want to resell his blog to poor africans. just for the record, his blog is worth a raw disgusting pork. who in the world would want to republise a fugly blog? tell me? im using it for my own use. its like saving a file on the internet. get it, no?

I don't know what fauzirassull was thinking as well where he said: i think i mention to people and to him of course that I use it for my own use, no cloning nothing. its just happen that his ad was attach to it. so why he be angry? i help him to create more cash, no?

Jamiz was using site meter when he caught this plagiarism -- Also he made a thread at google "Bloggers help group" to seek some more help.

If you visit the site it's been already deleted and Fauzurassull's account has been suspended for violating the TOS the lesson is learned.

If you find someone stealing your site or content here's where to report:
1. Official Google report form, it has an option for 'duplicate site or pages'

This is for our fellow bloggers to be aware and be inspired of what jamiz have done to unmask the thieves. To check that no one is copying your content check it at

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Lawny said... at 8/12/07 00:06

He still can't keep away from my site that person's is a nutcase

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