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Happy Holiday Everyone!

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Some country start celebrating Christmas on the 24th of December and will wait until midnight to welcome the 25th of December just like my Home Country Philippines, everyone on the 24th are very busy wrapping presents, cooking, preparing the table for the family gathering which make so special for most of the family because other family working outside philippines will come home to be with the family and celebrate the joyous season. But, in other country people celebrates on the 25th.

Some country like Germany, Philippines etc...are busy preparing for Christmas, some county are sleeping and will only open their presents on the next morning which is the Christmas day. It is so amazing how different country celebrate Christmas. Anyway, i just want to great everyone a Happy Holiday :)

Here are some great to read if you are looking of something to read this christmas: (Blog owner's are not aware the link, but for me this is my gift for them.)

Enjoy and Happy Holiday guys. Oh! nohhhhh...this is not my last blog for this year of course, i just have decided to great every one the happy holiday.

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Brad - The Daily Rambler said... at 7/1/08 05:18

Thanks for the link to my post! I was just browsing through technorati and found it ^_^

I'll be sure to return the favour at one time or another :)

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