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New Year is now approaching

2 comments Buzz Here year is now approaching, so, have you thought of what are you going to have on your new year resolution? I remember the last time i make a new years resolution i was 10 years old because our teacher asked us to make one, write it on a piece of paper and read it over and over again to keep reminding ourselves (Those were the days...)

And now, right this very moment i have decided to post, share to my readers some idea's because even though this is very child like but sometimes it helps us discover, free our selves to many things, we need to look at our past, look back and look at to our mistakes to see what we have learned and look at what we have achieved to believe of our own accomplishments.

This time lets try to make some New year resolutions. Here are my few suggestions:
  1. My Number One Family and Friends - Spend time, give them the most precious gift we can give and it is time even just 30minutes there is no sweeter than this.
  2. Get Fit - This is my second Priority, as a mother of two i always forgotten myself but this time i wrote to my list to get fit...This is my investment for my kids and my husband to most of all to my self. So are you, try to get fit.
  3. Enjoy Life - As it is often Say's "Life is too short" Why not enjoy the most of it with your family, friends and even to your own self.
  4. Get our of Financial Debt - This is hard to achieve but with discipline and trust to your self, you can do this.
  5. Quit smoking and drinking - This is my husband precious gift to himself "He finally quit smoking" no one ever force him or even talked to him about it, it is one of he's new years resolution and it's working very well.
  6. Learn Something New each day - I Remember my Sister in law, she always comes home and she always tell me " learn Something new today" and share it to us...and you never know how much you learn each day.
  7. Get Organized - I always talked to my step daughter about this because her stuff are always everywhere and she cannot locate her stuff....i encourage her to do the new years resolution and this is definitely at the number one spot. An Organized person make life more easier and less complicated, it applies in many areas of our life.
  8. Learn to appreciate even the small thing - sometimes people forget to appreciate the simplest thing, when you learn this, you will see the beauty of simple life.
  9. Laughter, laugh and more laughs - it makes you feel young and healthy.
  10. Make one Big changes on your life - Think of something you want to change on your life and change it no matter how hard it is, stick to your plan and believe that you can do it.
I still have lots on my mind but this is simple straight to the point. If you have forgotten this practice, why not get back to this again but this time put your heart and soul to it, you will be surprise of the result and make it happen.

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Pro Blog Reviews said... at 28/12/07 05:48

My New Years resolution is to double my client base of my small business.Wish me luck.

moneyrush said... at 28/12/07 22:12

Hello pro blog review, that need a lot of hard work but i wish you all the best not just the luck because i know you can do it...just stick to your resolution.

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