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Key Terms Beginners needs to understand about blog

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This is for beginners that have not or have started blogging but still not fully understand or familiar with some terms used by bloggers.

What is Blog - (Short for Weblog) A personal Online Journal or diary that is updated very frequently and intended for public consumption -- also, a blog is series of post that arranged in chronological order. The Author of a blog is more often referred to as Blogger.

"to blog," meaning "to edit one's weblog or to post to one's weblog"

Some key terms used by Bloggers:
  • RSS - (Real Simple Syndication), This is a popular content distribution tool which used by most of blogs -- syndicate their content to subscribers.
  • Blogosphere - Community of Bloggers or some refer as collection of connected communities (Social Network).
  • Post - An Article. Your thoughts, comments, opinions, anything that you write on your site.
  • Trackback - A system that allows a blogger to see who has seen the original post and has written another entry concerning it. The system works by sending a 'ping' between the blogs, and therefore providing the alert.
  • Blog Feed - The XML-based file in which the blog hosting software places a machine-readable version of the blog so that it may be "syndicated" for further distribution on the web. Formats such as RSS and Atom are used to structure the XML file.
  • Spam Blog - A blog which is composed of spam. A Spam blog or "any blog whose creator doesn't add any written value."
  • Template - Templates, used on the "back end" of a blog that work together to handle information and present it on a blog.
  • Subscribe - The term used when a blogs feed is added to a feed reader like Bloglines or Google. Some blogging platforms have internal subscriptions, this allows readers to receive notification when there are new posts in a blog.
  • Blogroll - A list of blogs. A blogger features a list of their favorite blogs in the sidebar of their blog.
There still have so much terms that bloggers used and as you develop your blog, your understanding with some terms will also keep on coming.

Happy Blogging :)

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