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Keep your post short, quick, meaty and clean

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Blogging is like a race, a competition. Although blogging is very open and versatile it is very tough world for non-writers, i envy those bloggers that even though they don't have the experience(writing) they are able to connect and attract the attention of readers (i wonder why?) then, i learned that it's really capturing readers if you keep your post short, quick, meaty and clean.

I hate reading long content, and to make it worse in the end it's useless reading -- it's not related to the title, i learned nothing (Annoying!) -- i have long content most of the time though but trust me i am working on it. When you blog, you have to be fast direct to the point and focus.
  • Understand exactly what you want to post.
  • Prepare what are the needs of your contents, does it need a story line or simply just talking directly to your readers.
  • How do you want to content to end up, if you want to sell affiliate program or do you want them to subscribe to your RSS (This is very important, because this is the point where the reader interacts with your content - decision, decision, decisions).
Determine how far are you willing to go with your post. Remember though, sometimes because you want to post a precise, fast, short post you sometimes misses the important parts of your content so be quick but meaty. Your readers are loving your short post plus quality content.

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