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How to download Fonts

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I will start posting tutorials of how to use Gimp and a little bit of sharing of what i have learned with Gimp.
Today, i will first will share on how to download Font so that if you can start making your own header or even re-design your Entrecard Card. I know this is not new for some but there are others that have not tried or even think of doing this but once tried it changed the way they look of designing.

There are many Fonts that are free to download and beautiful, but before i will share of where to get them i will give you the steps on how to download.

Simple and Easy:

  1. Find a font that you like to download once you have decided which one choose of either win or mac...
  2. Click download (It's so easy if you are using winrar to unzip but if not that's fine)
  3. You will be asked to where to extract the file find Windows then Font
  4. That's it!
Here where you can find great Font's including my favorite fonts.
  • Smashing Magazine - I start witl smaching magazine because they have a lot of fonts to share and a truly beauty.
  • DaFont - So much to choose and always my first destination when i looked for a new font.
  • Fontstruct - Build your own font or simply download the font you like.
  • Urban Fonts - what kind of font are looking? a sophisticated or a 3D, what about Western you can find them all here.
  • 1001 Free Font - the Title say it all, i am sure you will find what you are looking for.
  • Webpage Publicity - 6500 Free Fonts you cna download that's a lot.
  • Fontica - Another great place to find some great fonts.
  • Download Free Font - Try to find here if you can't fond what you are looking in the list.
It's is great to see that we are using a great font for our header instead of just the normal and default font, it attracts attention and i believe that every detail in our site is important, it's not just a header but it's the first to load obviously and it's where we get known as from what is in our header and even the widget card of our entrecard.

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