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I found a few Cheat Sheets. This is great resource to bloggers who are are learning, this makes your work more easier and to help you understand more about coding. Their so much to learn online and i am absorbing them one at a time. I would like to share them so that you can too can use this great resource.

Instead of putting them here in my post one by one i will just point you directly to the main post of where i stumbled the Cheat Sheets -- in this post he collected a top cheat sheets to guide beginner like us or even pro web developer.

I will share you though the few useful cheat sheets that i used most of the time as reference or sometimes i start from them then i just make some few changes on the way.

CSS Cheat Sheet

CSS Shorthand Cheat Sheets

This are so easy to follow and understand, the image explains very well aswell...If you enjoyed tweaking and making templates you can print them...put them right in front your work station. I bookmarked mine all my resources of CSS and design inspiration.

I hope you guys find something new with this post.

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