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Header For Auction

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I would like to try something fun, i am not sure if this is going to work but will see...I made one header and it's for auction, the auction will run for one week...If you like the header please join in. Name the price you are willing to pay for the header and come back to see if someone out bid you if no one until the end of auction then you are the winner.

This Header comes with 125x125 entrecard to match.

Now's Bidding Amount: $2.75

Updated August 29, 2008:
  • Jade Bid $2.75 (Top Bidder, but need to contact or else still be awarded to Amanda) Do you want to outbid Amanda?
  • Amanda bid $2.50 (Outbid)
  • RT bid $2.00(Outbid)
  • Sasha bid $1.00 (Outbid)

Place your bid by commenting and i will update them as often as i can. It's your chance now to make over your site header.

Bidding Still Open -- Keep coming guys, it's fun :D

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