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Needed a Technology Upgrade

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It's been a while since me and my husband bought something for ourselves, maybe that's the nature of being a parent we got a lot of priority and we can set aside our wants. Just like my husbands HP Laptop he bought them a long time ago, we are thinking of upgrading them. I think if he is not blogging he don't really mind but when your always on your computer and doing a lot in it, you will feel that your computer is already old and tired you like a computer to fit with your needs. I am sure every blogger can relate especially when we drop 300 a day on the entrecard, we need to have fast, reliable computer. He always say's maybe next year or next time, i wish i can surprise my hubby and buy one for he's birthday that make's him happy instead of him spending all the time.
What about my wants? my husband bought me a Digital Camera as a Christmas present, but today i ask him to get me a latest one with lenses to explore the beauty of photography maybe because i have seen a lot of bloggers who shows there lovely shots and i so envious. As i was surfing i stumble this site where they have a lot of products and so cheap digital camera's, Printers and i was thinking of getting one for my brother because he always asking me about digital camera, their is one that i have eye on A470 Digital Camera 7.1 mega pixel with the price of $122.29 it's cheap compare to the normal prices here in NZ.

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