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Color me World

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What a title, but isn't it color is life? Everywhere we look color is there. Now, if you do it yourself your template like most of us bloggers, we like to work on white background because we are not sure with colors...look at my banner and the body of my site it's not match, it's not even close lol! -- I am working with my header but my brain is like everywhere and not that stays like that until i am ready still thinking for great design.

What i would like to share to day is about colors. I have four sites here that are very helpful for have nothing to worry if the color of your site match or what.

Check this sites and let me know what you think.
  1. - I love this, Load your own image (Images that you are inspired with) and they will generate the code for you, fun and So much helpful...very safe.
  2. WellStyled - Paster, Contrast, Pale choose what type of color you like...very handy and safe.
  3. Colourlovers - I am not sure if this colors are obsolete but i love the color collection, have a look and see it yourself.
  4. W3 Colornames - Some of us likes to work with color names.
There so many colors out there that sometimes we are not sure anymore that is why some bloggers settled with white and black not just to be safe but because it's clean and simple but you know sometimes its great to take risk and have a unique color of site but safe at the same time, a color that is not pain in the eye and a color that is so relaxing.

Try to take the risk of choosing color of your site, experiment and dare to be unique.

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