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I Finally able to made my very own vector images

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Do you remember the post Vector Graphic Image manipulation which are free to download -- I have said that i have not tried Gimp yet, though i suggested to download them because i know that their is a great value of this software...will, now i can vouch that this software are very -very useful. If you can't afford Adobe Gimp is for you.

If you are a kind of person like me who loves designs, vectors and drawings or even you just love doodling then download them. In my other site i started Freebie Friday because i get addicted making vector images, i will put a few images here for you to download if you like and to see what i am talking about.

With this images i used inkscape to draw and then i used gimp for background using gradients and brushes, It's fun and addictive. Please check the vector images i made.

To check more here's the link of my Friday Frebbie; Frebbie Friday 2.

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