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When Negative Comment Strike

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What would you do as a blogger? I am sure every one of us receive a negative comment every now and then it's just a matter of time. Is it a laughing matter or a serious matter? How do you deal them them? Do you take them personally or do you move on without dealing this?
I remember this instance, awhile back when i was using link referral and i was so excited to read the comment of visitors, sometimes it's the same tune of comment but their are visitors that are true and give what they really think of your blog or your site as a whole. One time there is one blogger leave a comment saying very little and it goes like this "It's great collection of copy and paste stuff" hahh! what the hell is he talking about? I am so mad, because even though my post are lack of grammar but their mine, i never copy and i went to he's site to check of who the hell is he and there you go, it's a collection of copy and paste himself. So i responded to him and the rest is history. I will accept if it is true and learn from them but if it is not then their will be corrections. Even though this is not a comment placed in my site but it is comment about my site so i class this as belong to my topic today.

Laughing Matter?
I am not sure if it is, maybe after a few days, months etc...-- like now that i remember that certain comment i just laugh to he's comment and to my response.

Serious Matter?
Yes for me. It's a matter of life and death so don't miss with me (Just Kidding); I am passionate of what i am doing -- I love to hear negative feedback because that mean i will grow i have plenty of room for that. No matter what form of comment positive or negative comment every blogger can benefit from that, but if, only if you make sense with your comment and has constructive meaning other than that it means war.

Hide under Anonymous
When you leave negative comment, do not hide...don't be a coward. This is a real problem of every blogger "Mr/Ms Anonymous" Hey! show yourself and stand to every word you say but if you can't then just don't, just leave it in your mind.

We just can't please everybody. You Post something that you though great article but some people think it's stupid or ___________ (Fill the in the blank or what's on your mind). So When negative comment strike what would you do? There are bloggers delete them and just carry on like nothing happens, Some take it seriously and strike back but if it is constructive they learn that them.

So how do you deal with the negative comments? should you delete them or should it stay in you site? please share them here.

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