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Want to put a Post Divider on your Site?

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I was working with my very first Blog Template, and last night i was looking of how to change the post divider from dotted border to image. Finally i found out on how to and where to place my code. I like the result and i love the look -- it make your site looks great as well.

Why do we need to put an image instead of just border?
I have noticed that some of Mommy's template are very well done and looks great and i helps me stay longer especially when the content is very interesting that makes me read not just what i see but i navigate and reading more. The post divider is nothing intrusive or not a problem at all but i was thinking not just to make your site look great but it captures attention to your other post as well.
Here's my simple hack and i hope you it works for you too!
  1. Go to your Dashboard then click Layout
  2. Click Edit HTML...(Important! Save you template)
  3. Control + F then type .post-footer {
  4. Then we are going to add this code below
    background:url("YOUR IMAGE URL");
    background-position:50% 50%;
  5. Before you save, preview first and when your happy then Save your template and your done!
The pictures where i captured my photo's is from the template i am working. Soon it will be available here in my site.
Above is the only one divider i made and it's free for you to use (I will try to make few divider when i get the chance) you can right click and save the image or copy link location

Here is how it going to look like in your site.
I hope you like this hack and find it useful. As for me i like it and you will see the demo here in the test template that i am working at the moment.

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