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Tweak you blogcatalog widget

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Ori one of the blogger sent me an email the other day asking if i can explain on how i tweaked my blog catalog widget. Although i know there are bloggers that are already know how to do this but i decided to share it here in my blog aswell. For those bloggers that are not really that confident yet or have not tried tweaking their template or widget can follow this easy step.

This is what we want it look like:

I replied to Ori and gave her the instructions already. I will share it here aswell. It's easy to follow steps and you will be surprise why you didn't think of this.

You already have your blog catalog widget code in your site now all you have to do is to edit them a little bit and you have cool widget.

Here's the easy steps:

  1. Open your bloggers Dashboard
  2. Click Page Element then click edit from your blog catalog HTML/Javascript
  3. Then look for: Width, row, bgcolor (Background Color), bcolor (Border Color).
  • width - Set them as same width of your sidebar where you want your widget to be placed. With my sidebar width is 260 so i set it to "width=260"
  • rows=2 - I only want to have two row, but if you want more just replace to how many rows you like.
  • bgcolor=FFFFFF - You need to set the background color same as your sidebar color
  • bcolor=FFFFFF - Same as your border.

Note: For your border and background color if your not sure what color it is you can check them by going to your Template Code by clicking "Edit HTML" then ctrl+F type sidebar and you will find it there.

above are the only one's that i changed but if you want to change their link colors and header you can look for lcolor=333333&hcolor=FFFFFF and change the hex color code that you want....but if that's all you want to change then just leave it as is.

I have here the complete code for Recent Viewer ready for you, all you have to do is change marked blue

<script src=" IDNUMBER&width=SidebarWidth&rows=2&bgcolor=FFFFFF&bcolor=FFFFFF&lcolor=333333&hcolor=FFFFFF&htext=RecentViewers&name=1&img=l" type="text/javascript"></script>

I hope you like this easy tutorial. It does makes your widget look better and not over populate your site -- Sometimes readers don't like to see a sidebar that have so much going on, it's a bet of a turn off for them.

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