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Ditch your old comment system, replace them with Intense Debate

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Most of the bloggers are are using that for obvious reason it's easy and user friendly but one that i really don't like is the comment system. Today, i was about to comment on one of the blog, i click comment then the pop up comes as expected but it's very slim it only shows the half of the window (I don't know if that's my computer or what) and i cannot see the capatcha to finish my comment and i left without posting my comment, It's frustrating and i am not happy.

I have tried many comment system because i want to have a better comment system for my blog and for my readers which i valued the most, i want to create a discussion type where i don't need to say @carol (that's to address my respond to carol or @dave) and that is not what i like for my comment system, i don't want it to stay that way and i am not going to wait for Google to do something about it because i don't know if they will. I have read a lot of blogger that are complaining about the comment system and it's truly is frustrating including the hard to read capatcha that turn off your commenter's. Today, i would like to share my new comment system - Intense Debate, i am happy using it because it looks great, it's easy to integrate and i can reply to the comments or questions who need my response individually and have a discussion which is really great.

What is Intense Debate?
It is a replacement to your standard blog comment system, intense debate is packed with complete new tools to spice up the conversation.

What are the Feature of Intense Debate?

  1. Comments Tracking and Notification - Friends comments and your post comments sent to your email to notify you that one of your post have comments need moderation or even if someone replies to your last reply and so that the conversation can continue.
  2. Structure - This is what i like, i can reply to the individuals -- the comments are threaded and can easily follow the conversation.
  3. Profiles - You can upload your own avatar so that everything you make a comment it shows your brand. Your profile have the list of your friends, your social networking sites.
  4. Reputation.Comment Voting - Every Identity have it's own reputation attached. You can rate the comment of your commentators and shows some value of their comment.
  5. Social Traffic Drive - Intense Debate link you to your social networks sites, expose you more and connects to you completely
  6. Widget - you can place the cool widget to you site to show your number of comments, latest comments, top 10 commenter's and more.

My Experience with Intense Debate:
To be honest, after i integrate intense debate to both of my blog my other site, clickdtalk went really smooth i never have any problem opposite with this blog thebuzznutter. The comment counts is not showing, it remains zero even though i have say 3 comments anyway, after a few emailing back and forth it was resolved and now it's running smoothly and i have a really great comment system.

If you think that it's time for you to move on and take your comment system to the next level try intense debate. I remember when i left a comment to LisaC of how frustrated i am at that moment with intense debate (I am so impatient! that's what it is) and see respond that Intense Debate is like "Love and Hate relationship" and it's true i hated it at first and now i love it.

If you want to know more and want some help to decide about integrating intense debate to your site, read the FAQ and watch the video; When your ready, just place your url, follow the instruction and you're ready to ditch your old comment system.

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seejay said... at 15/11/08 20:25

Hey! Thanks for the tip. Can't wait to install Intense Debate on my blog.

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