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How to Earn easy money blogging

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Do you know that the most easiest way to earn money is by blogging? It is an effective ways to earn and gain audience and even get notice.

"There are 93.8 million blogs worldwide," says SEO-PR president
and co-founder Greg Jarboe. "Getting excited about getting a blog
is like getting excited when the phone book arrives."

Why blogging? When you create a blog you might didn't notice that there are normal things you do that already started to get notice and even read by readers, one example is when you put tag..tag clouds, tag pages that already one way specially when you have the right tag. I have read this from Web pro newsletter was sent to me last September 1 and i would like to share this here with you because this is also great way for you to start to earn easy money online:

10 Ways To Optimize Your Blog

1. Tag clouds and tag pages; check out Ultimate Tag Warrior plugin for
creating these. Spencer says he doubled traffic to one his blogs by
adding it.
2. Add a "Related Posts" feature. Spencer recommends the Contextual
Related Posts plugin for WordPress.
3. Top Ten posts feature to display most popular posts
4. Add "next" and "previous" post buttons
5. Build inbound links
6. Title tags - use SEO Title Tag plugin for WordPress to assign
unique title tags to individual posts.
7. Claim your blog at Technorati and use Technorati tags
8. Use "sticky" posts that always appear at the top of the page
as a way to add a keywords-rich introduction to category pages.
Adhesive plugin works for this.
9. Use the Buzzlogic tool to find out which bloggers are most
influential in conversations - refer to them and try to get
them to link to you.
10. Get into other bloggers' blog rolls (trackbacks and comments
won't help in link gain.

Bonus: Rick Klau, who works in strategic partner development for
Google, also has some solid advice for optimizing RSS feeds via
Feedburner and even Facebook. He also reiterates the importance
of providing full text feeds rather than partial feeds. Check out
10 Tips For Optimizing RSS

So, with this also you can earn easy money by using google adsense, amazon,auction ads and you can put all the products that you wanted to promote.

just make sure you joined communities and update you blogs and put some juicy and helping content for your readers to follow and would love to come back again for more.

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